Employee Learning

Everyone has the capacity to learn and to change and can be engaged in a learning process of actively building his or her own knowledge, skills and values.

To be successful in the rapid and continued change of today’s world, each of us must be a learner and a teacher. Continuous learning, individually and in groups, and effective teaching of one another allow us to keep pace, to thrive and to grow.

Effective communication results in real learning. Educational communications combines strategic communications with the power of learning so that people retain and act upon what they have learned.

Stakeholder Communications

We engage end-users in developing educational communications. This co- construction process builds on the shared concerns and results in developing strategic communications that resonate and respond to the real needs of stakeholders.


Creating a safe environment for effective, open and honest dialogue is key to educational communications. In one-on-one or group settings, knowing how to ask the right questions, facilitate a free flow of positive discussion and gather consensus into action is one of our core strengths.

Professional Development

Educational communications results in professional development. People learn through stories, through doing and through applying their knowledge and building new skills. This is the process of personal and career development.

Effective communication results in real learning.

Recent Client Stories


In collaboration with Leading Communicators, CGC developed and helped to deliver a 6‐part course (18 hours) to the senior communications team at Scotiabank. This course was developed to help the team determine a more cohesive corporate narrative, using our hands-on methodology to help them improve the development of their own communication skills.

Hewlett-Packard (International) - HPLEARN

CGC developed and managed a network of expert teacher educators offering training and support to math teachers across the U.S and Canada. HP LEARN was an acronym for Local Educator’s Action Resource Network. The network promoted HP as a learning organization and supported learning in local communities.

YMCA (Toronto): Federal Public Sector Youth Internship Program (FPYSIP)

CGC worked with the YMCA to redefine the FPSYIP program in order to better engage participants and mentors in the story of the program. The revised program used story-telling, and activity-based strategies. CGC developed new program standards, materials and rubrics for national managers and developed a "model" module on service learning.