Strategic Storytelling

Successful companies know their story. The corporate story conveys why the company exists and what is driving it. Our process helps unearth, construct and communicate stories that drive employee engagement and build brand reputation.

Our Process

Finding your story: Begin the narrative building process by analyzing gaps in your company's communications and developing the emotional connection.

One-on-one coaching: CGC works with leaders to help them develop their narratives and gather their stories to prepare for the next stage.

Telling your story: Create a compelling company narrative; learn how, when, and where to deliver your company stories and track your success.

Storytelling tune-ups: Quarterly sessions reinforce a storytelling culture in a company - how it can be used to help make decisions and improve employee performance and sales.

Our process helps unearth, construct and communicate stories that drive employee engagement and build brand reputation.

Recent Client Stories

Innovation Guelph

The Strategic Storytelling: Change Minds, Ignite Action workshop series helps business leaders understand, develop and convey their own compelling narratives. The companies learn to build success by applying narrative to their own business practices, product development, and marketing and communications. These experienced business leaders use their new story-skills to take a fresh look at their company, re-ignite their personal passion and create a culture of engagement that aligns with core values.

Nobel Biocare - Dental Implants: Changing Lives

Nobel, a pioneer in dental implants, changed its marketing focus from its immediate customer - the dentist - to the patient through their "Designing For Life" campaign. CGC helped to tell the Nobel Biocare story by developing a 7-minute video that profiled Quebecois patients who told agonizing stories of having all their teeth removed as teenagers and how the quality of their lives was enhanced later in life by restorative dentistry.

Canada Post Corporation: Canada Post – A Great Place to Work

The story of Canada Post was conveyed in a comprehensive orientation program for all Canada Post employees. CGC told the story of what happens to a piece of mail once it is dropped into a mailbox to give employees a sense of their contribution across the corporation and across the country. CGC produced a video, plus an employee handbook and a facilitator's guide, all developed and delivered in French and English.