Youth Engagement

Youth want to know that what they are learning in the classroom has value in the real world. CGC brings educational outcomes to life through an experience of how subjects are used in the world of work. Real world problems engage youth with the expertise of business, government and industry associations, supporting core educational outcomes with award-winning learning systems.

Learning Systems

CGC engages learners of all ages in building their own knowledge, skills and values with interactive, guided programs that facilitate learning while respecting and validating what the learner brings to the program.

Youth want to know that what they are learning in the classroom has value in the real world.

Recent Client Stories

Junior Achievement Canada

Stronger Together - Diversity in Action is an employee volunteer program CGC designed to deliver diversity education in classrooms across Canada, with modules for junior and senior high schools. Funded by RBC.

Digital Learning. CGC conducted national research and developed and delivered a comprehensive national digital learning strategy and presentation.

Certified Management Accountants of Ontario (CMA Ontario)

CGC developed CMA Ontario’s secondary schools marketing materials and created hands-on classroom resources such as Go Anywhere, Save the Tour, Will I Like It? and Green the Event under the Make !t Happen brand. CGC produced career videos and a web-based contest for this client. CGC also created the Brock Business Day for CMA and the Brock University School of Business. CGC recently developed a financial literacy resource, Your Money Your Life, for CMA Ontario in partnership with the Economic Club of Canada.

Ontario Power Authority

Generation Conservation - an energy conservation program – was chosen through an international search as the flagship energy conservation education program for elementary schools in Ontario. Generation Conservation uses hands-on science, math, literacy and daily physical activity (DPA) to build a clear understanding of the connection between climate change and the use of fossil fuels for energy production. Students learn why they need to change their (and their families) behaviour, and they learn simple and effective ways to reduce their home energy consumption. This program is currently in 10 district school boards with the support of 12 local energy distribution companies (LDCs.) Generation Conservation is also taught at the Brock University Faculty of Education.

Awards: Pinnacle Award, Community Relations

International Association of Business Communicators - Virtuoso Award of Merit for Economic, Social and Environmental Development